Declaration of CCC2019 on Paper submissions

To promote academic exchanges among domestic and abroad scholars, the official languages of Chinese Control Conference (CCC) are Chinese and English, namely, the on-site exchanges and papers included in the proceedings of CCC can be presented or written in Chinese or English. However, according to the new regulation of IEEE, only papers in English can be submitted to IEEE Conference Publication Operations, and will be further evaluated by IEEE. If they meet the requirement of IEEE, the papers will be included in IEEE Xplore, and then cited by EI. Hereby, the 38th Chinese Control Conference (CCC2019) declares as follow:

1. The languages for on-site exchanges and papers included in the proceedings of CCC2019 are Chinese and English;

2. Only papers in English will be submitted to IEEE;

3. The Author(s) is required to submit a written statement that the author(s) doesn’t engage in academic misconduct with the submitted paper(s). The conference will apply IEEE relevant detection system throughout the paper reviewing process. Papers that don’t meet the requirement will be submitted to the Program Committee of CCC2019, and will not be included in IEEE Xplore.

Program Committee

The 37th Chinese Control Conference